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The first step is to confirm the customer requirements. YNF Rubber does not only the in stock rubber products, but also provide the rubber products customized service.


After confirming the customer’s requirements on what kinds of rubber products he needs, we will need to design the mold, confirming how many molds we would need and how big the mold would be better. Then we’ll turn to next step to make the molds.


High quality raw rubber material is incredibly important because it directly affects the quality and performance of the end product. Using low quality or contaminated rubber can result in products that are weaker, less durable, and more prone to failure. In contrast, high quality raw rubber material ensures that the end product is strong, reliable, and long-lasting. Additionally, high quality raw rubber material can improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, reducing waste and increasing productivity. Overall, investing in high quality raw rubber material is essential for producing products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Rubber Compounding / Calendering / Mixing

Rubber compounding, calendering, and mixing are essential processes in the production of rubber products. The purpose of these processes is to blend various raw materials together to produce a uniform and consistent rubber compound with the desired physical and chemical properties. This compound is then processed further through calendering or mixing to achieve the desired shape, thickness, and texture required for the final product. These processes are critical for ensuring the quality, durability, and performance of rubber products.

100% Testing of Rubber Batches

Rubber batch testing is typically performed to ensure that the rubber material being used meets certain quality standards and specifications. It helps to identify any potential defects or issues with the rubber material before it is used in the production of goods or products. This can help to prevent product failures, improve product quality, and ensure customer satisfaction.


YNF Rubber takes their rubber product production seriously. Following strict rules is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of their products, like quality control, environmental regulations, safety protocols, etc. by following these and other rules, YNF Rubber can produce high-quality rubber products that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.


After raw rubber mixed, shaped, produced into products, the final rubber product is then tested for quality and durability to ensure it meets industry standards. testing the final rubber product is an important step in the production process. There are several kinds of testing, like physical testing, chemical testing, durability testing, etc. By performing these and other tests, YNF Rubber can ensure that their products meet industry standards and are safe for use in a variety of applications. If any issues are found during testing, YNF Rubber can make adjustments to their production process to improve the quality of their products.


The last step is packing and despatch of rubber products. YNF Rubber may package their products in a variety of ways, depending on the product and its intended use. For example, some products may be packaged individually, while others may be packaged in bulk. The packaging may also include additional materials, such as instructions for use or safety information. By ensuring that their products are packaged properly and shipped on time, YNF Rubber can provide their customers with high-quality products that meet their needs.